Web-developer ILYA ERSHOV

A little bit about myself

I am - web-developer and I passionately love my profession.  

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript programmer. MODX Ambassador. Head of Internet projects.

This site is used as a personal diary, a blog, a portfolio, a laboratory and my online resume.

Through this website you can contact me on the provision of paid services and consultations - in the footer of the site (the bottom end) hanging socket with available social services. networks.

Brief autobiography: I have the higher profile education programmer, graduated with honors, a native of the city of Arkhangelsk.


My main activity is the development of sites (MODx Revolution), as well as contextual advertising and SEO. In addition to actively develop in the direction of online marketing and PR, until recently, I was the head of Internet projects BaltGaz Group (1,5 years) (former Baltic Gas Company) and is an active individual entrepreneur since 2008.

Head of Internet Projects

In this role, I engaged in the development and promotion. I organize the work of contractors, supervise the presence of the Internet projects of Russian businessmen. But he is also programmable, able to independently build a corporate portal, to create a mobile application, supervise the SEO process optimization and contextual advertising company's website.

I have met people who call themselves "the head of an Internet project," but are merely managers who do not understand the basic principles of the internal processes of any software product. Such people have a narrow vision, able to write and sign a stack of papers on solid business owners costs. My firm conviction: the head of Internet projects must have experience in programming.

But in addition to the role of programmer I have experience in leadership positions, in the number of subordinates to 10 people and a combined experience of about 6 years.

MODX Ambassdor

I'm an official MODX Ambassador. In this role, I am the organizer of the club's web developers MODX in St. Petersburg. We periodically hold meetings to share professional experiences and help each other in solving technical problems.

Skills and knowledge


Having experience